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The backgrounds of the Diligence Incorporated business executives span a wealth of disciplines and industries. This experience is relevant to the process that enables one to access and evaluate the implications of a business decision, whether it involves accounting, finance or other specialized alternatives.



Diligence Incorporated

There are many situations that can occur in which a person or firm may benefit by consulting a specialist.

Probably more situations than you can image. Would you think to have a linguistics specialist assist with e-mail fraud? Would checking a witness’ credibility help with a professionally trained polygraph examiner? Or how about consulting with a jewelry appraiser in order to determine damages? Here are 20 light capsule descriptions of some of the Diligence Incorporated Associates. “If you are interested in learning more about these experts, please e-mail us or give us a call.”


Meteorologist – Morton G. Wurtele is an expert skilled in meteorology. Where it has been done in meteorology, Dr. Wurtele has been there…..major university department chair, United Nations, NASA, Air Pollution Control District, U.S. Weather Bureau forecaster…and on and on. Yes, he can do those usual things about weather…the frost that killed the crop or the wind sheer that affected the 747….but he can also opine about the melting of ice-cream cones at drug stores, about how fast blood dries on a humid night, about those chemicals quickly disbursing during a Santa Ana wind…..and all of this while winning over the jury.

Forensic Linguist

You have a copy of a E-Mail that your client is accused of writing … he says his boss wrote it … because of style and such things. Maybe it’s time to call in a linguistics expert to help determine the likely author.

Edward Finegan is a forensic linguist who wrote the textbook on the science of language and language use. Besides authorship identification, he is an expert in uncovering the implications of language in letters, commercials, contracts, and insurance policies. Or perhaps your client thinks a competitor’s mark infringes his copyright. Dr. Finegan can help identify and assess the arguments. He has testified in trademark disputes, on insurance policy interpretation, authorship identification, and other aspects of forensic linguistics. Yes, it’s time to bring in Dr. Finegan with his vast experience in civil and criminal cases (his C.V. will knock your socks off).

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Leon H. Gottlieb knows the restaurant business from fast food to five star. He has held such positions as director of food service, president of a family restaurant chain, vice president of a national franchise and has owned and operated his own restaurant. His restaurant expertise includes operations, security, safety, site selection, marketing and franchising. He continues to serve international clients, does university and association lecturing and is published.

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Howard L. Brookfield is a bank credit card expert. He is not only versed in the credit approval standards and procedures, but also has experience in borrower disclosure, credit card promotion, merchant processing, and point-of-sale computer support systems.

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Robert W. Dinsmore is a licensed architect and contractor. Mr. Dinsmore is especially well qualified to evaluate those areas of architectural design defects, building construction defects, and premises liability, both technically and procedurally. He has years of direct hands-on experience in construction, building construction detailing, construction contract administration, code application and interpretation, and construction inspection with two of the largest architectural firms in the country. His services might be particularly valuable to you in the aftermath of the recent earthquake.

Hotel Business and Operations Specialist

Michael A. Bullis is the expert you want when you need to know the standards and practices of the hotel business. A hotelman all of his business life, he has viewed the lodging industry from the perspective of a bellboy to an executive. Such hotels as the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, the Queen Mary/Spruce Goose Hotel in Long Beach, and the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles were operated by Wrather Hotels while Mr. Bullis was its president. Whether it be operations, management contracts, promotions, repositioning of a property, or the feasibility of a new hotel project, you can expect Mr. Bullis’ opinion to be based on a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Hospital Administration

Robert P. Boland is the expert that you have been waiting for regarding issues concerning hospital insurance billing disputes. He has extensive background in Patient Financial Services, Admissions, and Registration. He is an experienced executive in hospital administrative management and is well versed in many other hospital issues, such as contract administration, quality resource management, training, and counseling.

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Fire Investigation

Ronald R. Hamel is a fire investigation specialist. Ron is not only an expert in fire cause and origin, but also in what motivates people to start fires. He has investigated more than 4,000 fires and has been responsible for the training of other fire investigators. If it burnt, Ron has the experience and training to tell you the whats, the whys, and the whos.

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Respiratory Therapy

Patrick J. Dunne, a registered respiratory therapist, is president of a home health-care consulting company. He is an expert in respiratory care as it relates to home or institutional administration and to academic standards and curriculum. Beyond his respiratory care expertise, Patrick is well versed in many issues affecting the home medical care industry, such as quality control, safety, regulation, standards of practice, and accreditation.

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Human Resources

John T. Alexander is a seasoned senior human resources professional with over 16 years of experience in financial services, real estate development, and retail automobile sales. He carries a Masters in Business Administration and based on his background in both small and large organizations, he can advise you about issues in human resources, including policies, procedures, and employee relations.


Dirk Van Tamelen has spent seventeen years in the telecommunications industry. He is an expert in telephone and electronic security systems and equipment. Not only can he advise you about your client’s system, but he can tell you how it operates or why it fails. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering, and is a principal in a security and telephone systems firm providing business telephone and electro-protective system services, including specialized applications, Voice Mail, Surveillance and Central Station Monitoring.


Dave Edson has 35 years of engineering experience. His expertise includes mechanical equipment, process and power systems, industrial facilities, fueling and petroleum, cryogenics and high pressure gases, heating ventilating and air conditioning, fire protection systems, pumping process piping, and underground liquid storage.

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Balloon Flight

Balloon Flight Specialist – Balloons… balloons… Balloons… Oh that’s ballooning. We are talking about those most times beautiful large crafts driven by hot air and the wind. Beauty, adventure, romance…. but unfortunately also danger… power lines, tall trees, malfunctioning equipment, and that big factor, careless people. We have the expert for you. Brent Stockwell is co-owner and chief flight instructor of the oldest FAA-approved balloon flight school in the USA, teaching hundreds of students and logging thousands of hours. He can tell you if it was done correctly… safety briefing, equipment maintenance, flight maneuvers, inflation and mooring procedures… and more.

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Jewelry Appraisal

You have a case relating to jewelry?… If you want a knowledgeable and experienced appraiser for your case, then hire Cosmo Altobelli. He is a third generation jeweler, who has been teaching appraisal procedures and techniques, market research, application, and interpretation of fair market value for 38 years. He is a member of the important industry organizations and is published.

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Financial Institutions Operations and Procedures Specialist – Your client – the one who at one time was 190 days past due – calls and says the cash, jewelry, stocks & bonds are missing from his safe deposit box – only the insurance policies, birth certificates, wills, and automobile titles remain. You know at the advent of this 2nd millennium that the financial institutions have their safe-deposit procedures down cold…..or do they? Yes, its time to call in the expert, Debby Skau, who is recognized as an expert in safe deposit boxes by financial institutions and the industry association. If it is branch consolidations, closures, relocations or dead fish placed in safe deposit boxes, she has been there. She can speak to sound operating policy and procedure for financial institutions and the hotel industry. Debby is a valuable asset to have on your team for all safe-deposit box related matters.


Polygraph Examiner – Can you develop an effective defense strategy if your client has lied to you? Perhaps … perhaps not. The United States Supreme Court, post Daubert, has left admissibility issues in the hands of the triers of fact in each circuit. Even in states that do not recognize polygraph as evidence, the polygraph influences judges, prosecutors and the court of public opinion. The most important factor in polygraph testing is the examiner … credibility is everything! Let us introduce you to Jack Trimarco, trained by the Department of Defense and the FBI as a polygraph examiner. He was chief of the FBI’s polygraph unit in Los Angeles since 1991 until his retirement in May 1998. With the Bureau, Jack conducted over 1100 FBI polygraph exams throughout the world. Credibility is everything!


Horticultural Consultant “See, this jerk neighbor of mine comes out with a chain saw and starts cutting my Ulmus parvifolia, my 25 year old Chinese Elm, and the next thing I know is that the whole tree is dead. It’s worth $18 thousand if not more ….” Shall I ever see a tree as litigious as thee? Richard Ibarra is an arborist, a horticultural consultant, an expert witness. He can do that Elm tree appraisal; he can tell you if the roots damaged the sidewalk or the wall; and he can show you the evidence that they trespassed to alleviate the tree’s alleged blocked view.

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Photo Interpretation

Photo Interpretation Specialist – You say to yourself, “I’ve got to be creative…” Many times this means that you just have to have the right tools …. like your plumber. How ‘bout forensic photogrammetric survey mensuration for that mysterious fence movement along that supposed property line, for that skier who claimed that he stayed in the ski run, or for that highway accident? Arthur Trinkle does not only have the skill, he has the detailed historical aerial photos for all over Southern California. Photo interpretation and comparison of old and new aerial photos can establish very interesting facts. It could be time to get that aerial photograph …. maybe just because they don’t know that the telephone pole or the stop sign is acting the part of a sundial for proving time of year or time of day.

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Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architect – Gerald W. Pirki is a golf course architect with over 35 years experience, on over 100 projects, in golf course planning, design, layout, construction supervision and expert witness service. Registered landscape architect with an engineering background. Member of the American Society of Golf Course Architects, United States Golf Association, American Society of Landscape Architects, Golf Course Superintendents Association. Expert areas of litigation — cart paths, errant golf balls, adjoining property conflicts, course design & layout, fencing & netting, and course construction.