Backgrounds Of Professionals Available For

Expert Testimony

The backgrounds of the Diligence Incorporated business executives span a wealth of disciplines and industries. This experience is relevant to the process that enables one to access and evaluate the implications of a business decision, whether it involves accounting, finance or other specialized alternatives.

Part of Diligence Incorporated’s practice is in litigation analysis and consultation, bringing together expertise of the highest caliber. This includes research analysts and witnesses with backgrounds from a variety of business positions and enterprises to the practice and theory of accountancy.

For over several years, these business executives and PCI have worked together as Diligence Incorporated to accomplish assignments for a variety of clientele, including law firms, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, a number of Federal Home Loan Banks, the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, financial institutions, and others.

Through its principals, employees and associates, Diligence Incorporated provides a blend of expertise that is wide in scope and extensive in years. The coming together of the strong business/financial/accountancy backgrounds with the investigative capabilities of former special agents of the FBI, creates a distinctive and powerful apparatus that is uniquely valuable to a lawyer. This can be in the form of an expert in court or the necessary and credible support for a successfully presented case.

Vincent C. Croal,, is the President of Diligence Incorporated. He has many years of experience in conducting searches for “difficult to find” expert witnesses.

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