Litigation Support Services

Diligence Incorporated “The Place For Experts”

When a law firm needs help in a business litigation case, it can turn to Diligence Incorporated. Primarily through its pool of over 200 business experts,

Diligence offers:

  • Industry expertise
  • Extensive functional skills
  • Fast service and reasonable fees
  • Proven problem solvers with a litigation services track record
  • Powerful network for locating experts with specific experience and backgrounds

The skills and experience of Diligence business experts can provide attorneys with crucial assistance in:

  • Developing case strategies in liability and damage analysis
  • Fact finding and analysis of financial data
  • Document review
  • Discovery
  • Settlement/trial presentation
  • Expert testimony

Diligence specializes in all aspects of business litigation on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants.

Major litigation services include:

  • Standards and practice of financial institutions
  • Accounting malpractice
  • Bankruptcy
  • Business and real estate valuations
  • Lost profits and damages calculation
  • Lender liability and bank operations
  • Fidelity bond claims
  • Directors and officers claims
  • Business judgment
  • Breach of contract
  • Product liability

In addition, Diligence can provide attorneys with expertise in asset searches and fraud investigation through Paul Chamberlain International.

By contacting us, you will give your attorneys access to the following:

  • In-depth industry expertise – Seasoned senior professionals in industries as diverse as banking, manufacturing, and trucking who know the ins and outs.
  • Extensive functional skills – From accounting to engineering to business valuations to information technology.
  • Fast service – We work smart; we start promptly.
  • Reasonable fees – Fees that make sense.
  • Proven problem-solving – We have a track record.
  • Litigation services experience – We know how to “think legally”, how to manage intense scrutiny, and how to guide a jury from the witness stand.

When you need talent to win your case, whether it’s to prove causation, breach of contract or business judgment, or to calculate lost profits and damages, we have the qualified business experts to help you.

Our pool of 200 business experts consists of former senior executives, independent consultants, and former FBI agents covering expertise in nearly every field and function.

Because our business experts are independent, they also have fewer conflicts. For example, they are not bound by accounting firm rules prohibiting testimony against an accounting firm.

Therefore, our experts are less likely to be conflicted off a case and more likely to have the expertise that your cases need.

Our experts are professional businessmen/women whose specific business expertise and training can complement your knowledge and research.

They have the experience and the knowledge to consult on legal strategy, as well as qualifying as “expert witnesses”.

Thus, when you use Diligence business experts, your case can gain credibility in the courtroom.

They won’t waste your time:

  • Productive immediately – The minute they are assigned, is the minute they start winning your case.
  • Available immediately – With a pool of talent, we can fill your needs quickly so you can get winning.

We Do More

As a full-service litigation support firm, we can help you keep your staff time down and reduce overhead costs by providing automated document coding and classification services.

Asset Searches

When you need to determine where the assets went, and the possibility of recovery, Paul Chamberlain Internationars former FBI agents and our forensic accountants will investigate records, contracts, and transactions for the existence of assets.

Fraud Investigations

We have leading experts in investigating financial fraud, industrial espionage, insurance fraud, and undercover operations.