Partnerships That Benefit Our Clientele

Paul Chamberlain International

Paul Chamberlain International, located in Beverly Hills, California, is a full-service investigation and consulting firm with the ability to respond virtually anywhere in the world.

PCI is primarily staffed with former Special Agents of the FBI, widely acknowledged as unsurpassed in investigative expertise. Their staff includes some of the world’s leading experts in the investigation of financial fraud, industrial espionage, insurance fraud and undercover operations.

The firm is retained by syndicates of Lloyd’s of London and clients include several of America’s largest financial institutions.

PCI is recognized for expertise in crisis management planning. Their experience also qualifies them to counsel clients about contingency planning and measures which can be taken to minimize security risks.

Paul Chamberlain International is well-known for its sources of information and ability to conduct in-depth background investigations into people and companies. Also, through its associate services, PCI is able to utilize the latest technology in the forensic examination of documents and electronic transmissions.